Wry Old Fashioned is a blog about all things drinkable, and the business, culture, and craft surrounding it.  I grew up with a love for  eating, growing, and preparing food, and was always fascinated by the artistry of creating beer, wine and spirits.  Over the years, I’ve worked in bars and restaurants, visited thousands of drinking holes around the world on tours with bands, and visited breweries, wineries, and distilleries across the US and Mexico.  After years in the music business, I was being courted by a digital music startup for an executive gig in Mexico City and took them up on the offer to come check it out.  That first night I fell in love: I tasted a real mezcal. Several of them in fact. And I took the offer and moved to the DF that month.  I was immediately taken by the city’s amazing mezcalerias and vast collection of holes-in-the-wall.  Just months later, I found myself road-tripping around the country, sampling every mezcal I could find, and eventually teaming with friends to create a new company set on bringing these discoveries to the rest of the world.  So my passion for artisanal spirits evolved into an actual career and has led to some incredible experiences.  So I wanted to create a place to share all that.  So, salud, I hope you enjoy.


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